Scotland Community Trail Ride – WILL BE HAPPENING – Saturday, May 16 this year. Gather at the school grounds and be ready to parade through Scotland around 9:30. It is not sponsored by the Pig Eye Corp this year. It is organized by some in the community that always help with this event. Lunch will be served on the trail as always. Cost will be $6 – BBQ sandwich, chips and drink. If anyone has any questions they can call Sheldon 253-3346 or Donna at 253-5927

The Scotland Alumni Banquet has been canceled for this June. I have been working on several of the Class pictures that are in the school cafeteria. They will look so much better and eventually I hope to repair all of the ones that are fading and showing the brown spots on them from the acid in the paper.

We are so sorry that we have not been having the First Saturday Breakfast because of the virus, but we hope to that we can start back in June. We will wait and see how the situation is going and then we will let you know about the third week in June. So you all stay safe so we can get together soon.

It is wonderful that the weather is warming up. I see lots of Folks are planting and some are hoeing their gardens. That is great exercise as well as being practical and staying busy and they will be able to eat all of the fresh veggies. Canning and freezing is a lot of work, but it makes one feel that they have accomplished so much.

It is with great sadness, that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Foster Cemetery will NOT be having decoration this year. This does not mean you can’t go to the cemetery and put flowers on your loved ones graves and show your love and respect. If you have any questions regarding this you may call Troy Dunham or Shelia Gardner.

Let us remember to pray for all the sick and troubled.. Jesus said ask and I shall hear you. All have a great week and if you have Scotland News call 592-3935 and we will get it into the paper.

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