Scotland Community Corporation will continue to cancel their First Saturday Breakfast until the virus gets much better. There are too many Scotland folks that have health issues and cannot take a chance on being exposed to the virus.

I understand there are SEVERAL families in our community that are in quarantine and have tested positive or have been in contact with someone that has it. James and I think that is too close for comfort for us to go anywhere, so we are staying in and trying to stay warm. James is doing so good and his foot is healing so well that we will just keep on keeping on. Things will get better sooner or later. We are waiting to see when we go back to UAMS for another check up. It may be a while yet.

Scotland Community Center News: Due to the COVID-19 virus being on the rise they have decided to keep the Scotland community center closed a little longer. We will keep you posted on when we plan to reopen.

During the wind and rain this last few months the roof on the old Library Building (my art studio) has had a lot of damage and it is going to be very costly to repair but the building is in too good of condition to let it go. We are getting an estimate. We think we will have about half of what we need. We have had a few people that said they would help with some donations. We wanted to have a fund raiser but do not think it is a good idea with the virus spreading like it is. We have had a lot of blessings during this last year so we will wait and see what the good Lord has in mind.

Just before 7 a.m. this morning fire trucks and sirens seemed to come from everywhere and later we found out that James Lowders house burned. This is a very sad thing when this happens and we are so grateful for the good community that we have.

If you have Scotland News and want it in the paper call 592-3935 and let us know. Stay warm safe and healthy.

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