We went to the music at the Community Center tonight. There was only about half of the people there tonight as there was last month. A lot of the musicians had other commitments. It was a great time for all of us that attended and the musicians that was there. I am sure everyone will be back next time. Lunch is still served at 11:45 and is still $4 and you can eat in or take out.

It will still be a while before we will have our First Saturday Breakfast at the Cafeteria. Do not give up on us. We will let you know when we can meet again with all of our friends and enjoy the good times again.

James went back to UAMS and thought he was going to get another skin graft. We were so surprised when they thought it was doing so well and really healing faster than they had expected. They want to wait another 2 weeks and then they will check it again. He may not need another graft. We have had so many blessings.

It is sad to learn there are several in our community that have COVID-19 and so many in quarantine because they were around loved ones that they were trying to help. So glad to hear that they are staying in isolation to keep others from being exposed. We know there are some that are really ill and in the hospital and some that tested positive and are not as ill so they are able to stay home. We have had out shots but are still wearing our mask just as a precaution. I have heard some make the statement that they are not vaccinated but they were not wearing a mask and were talking to everyone around. This is so inconsiderate to others. Because of this the Vacation Bible School at the Scotland Baptist Church has been CANCELED. They may try to reschedule it in August.

Stay safe and if you have Scotland News you can call 592-3935 and we will gladly put it in the Scotland News.

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