This makes me remember that Jesus endured so much so that we could have a home in heaven. We just have to believe in him and obey his word.

We have been so fortunate to have missed all of the storms that have been forecast for our state.. It is always rainy around Easter and then we will have Blackberry Winter and shortly after that we can complain about the heat.

James and I finally got our second vaccine and our two weeks are up so we feel better about getting out in public now. We will still wear our mask because we can not afford to take any chances.

James is starting some therapy and can put a little weight on his foot so we hope he will be walking soon. he watched the grass growing and got excited. I think he has figured out how he can get on the mower with some practice he will soon be mowing and think he is back to normal. It has been a hard year but we have had a lot of blessing during this time. Stay safe and get ready to plant the gardens. I think ours will be in buckets this year.

If you have Scotland News call 592-3935 and we will get it in the news.

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