Well a lot of folks in Scotland are like James and I. We stay home, go to the doctors and rest so we can go again. We are so fortunate that we know and visit so many doctors that we have some place to go almost every day. Some time we see two or three in the same day. As if that was not enough we think James is going to get to go to Carti in Conway every day for about 3 weeks. He can not put any weight on his foot until it heals. When we start getting him in the vehicle to go everyday, it might get to be a circus at out house. We should know Monday when we start this new show.

One good thing is we are both getting hard of hearing so we can vent and the other one does not hear it. All kidding aside, we get along very well after all of these years. Just remember us in your prayers. That makes all things bearable.

Everyone please remember the Scotland Center is open again they serve lunch for only $4 and start about 11:45 Monday thru Thursday. If you do not want to eat in they can package it so you can take it home. They have Bingo, Music, Pool and Puzzles and it is a great place to visit with friends and get away from home for a while.

No First Saturday Breakfast for a while yet because of the virus and so many others in the community with other health problems. Maybe by the first of the year things will be better.

Stay safe and enjoy the cool weather and if you want something in the paper please call 592-3935 and we will get it their.

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