I know it has been a while since I have submitted anything from the Scotland area. I will try to catch up some. This has been a very difficult year for all of us. First the Virus has made us all very careful. James Burns still is not walking on his foot. If you remember he had a large melanoma removed from his foot last September and after the skin graft, it is healing very well. It still has a way to go but he can really get around in his wheel chair. We had to be so careful that he not be exposed to the virus because his immune system is so compromised. I have a had strep and has been under the weather for a while. I am better so I will try to see what is going on in our community.

The 1st Saturday Breakfast is still closed for a while longer. The Community Center is still closed and I am not sure when they plan to open again. Something new has been started in downtown Scotland. On the 2nd Saturday (from daylight until noon) is the Scotland Trade Day. Anyone that wants to pick a spot and set up, can bring what they have to buy, trade, sell at no charge. This is about the 4th month. Lets make this one of the biggest events in the county. This month, there will be a bake sale, a food booth set up by the Pig Eye Group is going to sell Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. I hear of bigger plans are in the near future. You can bring old stuff, new stuff, home made stuff. Come and see it all.

Scotland Baptist Church has started having Gospel Singing on the 3rd Friday night of each month, at the church in Scotland and all is invited to come. they hope to get a potluck started for refreshments after the music. I am not sure what time it starts. I will be sure to add the time next month.

I see on Facebook that the Halloween Trunk or Treat is already asking who wants to participate. Check it out on the Scotland Community Page and let them know you will be there. Have a safe fall and maybe I will have more news next time. If you have Scotland News call 592-3935 and we will get it into the news.

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