Can you believe it is May 8 and they tell us we may have a frost tonight. That will be hard on gardens and all of the beautiful flowers in bloom. Maybe it will not be a killing frost.

REMINDER: The Scotland Community Trail ride will be May 16 leaving the Scotland School grounds at 9:30 a.m. and parading through Scotland. Come early as we will be checking for Coggins.

A BBQ sandwich meal will be available at the halfway mark for $6. You can contact Sheldon Sturtevant at 253-3346 or Donna Sturtevant 253-5927 for more information.

The Trail ride is not sponsored by Pig Eye Corp this year. It will be conducted by members in the Scotland Community.

You all come and have a great time.

CANCELLATIONS: FOSTER and PLEASANT GROVE CEMETERIES have canceled their Home Comings for this year, because of the virus. We hope you will still decorate and put flowers on your loved ones final resting place as you always do.

Show your love for them and make plans to be there next year.

I am sure this is also a time many make their donations to help keep the cemeteries mowed and all of the upkeep. You can still make those donations and they will be appreciated. Thank You.

The ALUMNI BANQUET has been canceled for this year and everyone is making plans to attend it at the usual time next year.

I have been working on the class photos that hang on the cafeteria walls.

I will continue to work on them when I have time throughout this next year and hope to have several more done by the next banquet..

When the state gives approval to reopen Senior Centers, the one at Scotland will be called Scotland Community Center and will be independent of the Van Buren County Aging Program. The Community Center will be available to all of the Scotland Community with no age limit.

Lunch will be served at 11:45 a.m. Monday through Friday and the cost will still be $4.

If this does not work out it is assured that it can rejoin the Aging Program. They still plan to have all of the activities they have were having before the shut down. Bingo, Singing, Pool Games, Darts and the monthly Music Jamboree.

The Center has 52 registered members over 60 and a daily lunch attendance of about 20.

Let’s see this grow.

Joyce Burns Art Studio will not be open until some time in June. I will be making some changes and will let everyone know when I get all worked out.

We now have a Professional Photographer in our community. Amy Clokey is opening her Studio in one of the rooms in the high school building in the old Scotland School Complex. We are very proud to have her in our community.

We have several more rooms and it would be wonderful if we had more of them rented for storage or to add something else to our community.

Have a great week and stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine.

If you have Scotland News call James Burns at 592-3935 and he will see that it gets into the paper.

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