It is surprising how fast the week goes by when you have a lot to do. We had to go to Little Rock on Monday, to Conway on Wednesday and to Clinton twice on Thursday. We finally got our second COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, and to doctor for some blood work. I am glad every week is not like this. We can stay home next week and play catch up.

We are so thankful the we did not have any storms this week. Maybe when the weather changes toward the end of this week, we can have a break and enjoy the spring weather and get ready to mow lawns and plant gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Three months of this year is already past. I hope that things can get back to near normal before summer. I think I will still be cautious and wear my mask. There is so many people that say they will not get the vaccine, just like they say the will not wear a mask. I want to be sure that we stay safe and by taking precautions maybe it will help keep the virus from spreading.

I see that the Scotland Community Center is posting their lunch menu on face book each morning. They serve lunch at 11:45 a.m. and the cost is only $4. You can eat in or take out. Do not forget they will be playing BINGO on Thursdays. We did not make it to eat this week, but we hope to make it some this week. Why not come out and join us. Mask are required and social distancing is a must. Everyone will still have a great time.

Stay safe, healthy and if you have Scotland News call 592-3935 and We will send it to the paper for you.

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