A new year brought a new experience for the whole family. I now understood this weight gain the younger daughter had at Christmas. The youngest daughter was expecting her first little kid. The old woman and the old man were happy, and all things went well until the birth month rolled around! Now the first daughter had her kid a few weeks earlier than the due date. The old woman had remembered one of her daughters came on the due date, and the other daughter a few weeks early. In fact, to her recollection no woman on her side of the family had gone past the due date. So plans were made to go to Nashville to see the new kid in March.

The old man had worked refinishing a piece of furniture that would be packed in the back of the farm truck along with various other things the old woman thought the daughter would appreciate. The old woman had the old man pack his clothes and fill the truck with gas for the six hour trip. They cancelled all their church responsibilities, began to keep all clothes clean, house straightened, and of course collected extra dishes for our food and water, and not to forget---an extra litter box. Now, the wait for the call! Wait! Wait!!! Still waiting!!!!

And continuing to wait!!! We definitely had plenty of food--bowls were overflowing!! We could tell they were preoccupied!! The old woman spent hours on prayers and Bible study! Prayer requests were made for the old woman's patience that was wearing thin! The old woman and old man carried their phones to the bathroom! In robe pockets. To stores. To church! Then pacing around the house began. We cats tried to dodge being stepped on!!

Next every family member, church friend, and those fair weather friends with their curiosities began calling as the due date arrived and passed! The old woman would answer, "Not yet!" "Still waiting" "Yes, hoping today!" She and the old man dodged all acquaintances who would know about this late but hopefully soon to arrive kid! They also screened calls and texts of well wishers! For the new grandkid!

To not drive the daughter up the wall, the old woman called with nonchalant questions about gardening, Bible studies, and other probably annoying question hoping the daughter would give her some hope that the kid was closer to arriving! Instead, the daughter seemed to be continuing activities as normal. One call found her in the country hiking far from the city!!! Another day playing board games! Why not eat spicy food or take a four wheeler bumpy ride!!! The daughter apologized for the inconvenience of waiting for this kid. Of course the old lady pretended that life goes on--no problem.

But, the old woman was obsessed with thinking of the birth- would the daughter need a c-section, would the blood pressure go up, would they mistake Braxton contractions for the real contractions? She didn't have a chance of thinking of her usual things. It was spring ,and it was hard to not see animals having their young. Driving to town , she would see a calf! FB was full of baby pictures! Of course, there were baby pictures on her tables and walls. She would toss and turn in the night keeping me and the old man on edge. I decided the safest place for me was at the foot of the bed!!

The old woman decided she might need some meditation to stop thinking about the baby, so she found a meditation with music and breathing techniques on Youtube for people with OCD!!! It said to not be driving when you listened. This suited me just fine. I would curl up and listen to the soft voice and music!! I think my breathing improved too!! The old woman hoped it would help her relax and stop thinking of the baby. She did her deep breathing techniques whenever she felt anxiety. People began worrying about her in stores as she repeated , "Re-lax " slowly as she did her deep breathing!

Besides methods of improving her thinking clearly, she needed help sleeping. Now, for sleeping she would try lavender on the bottom of her feet which would put the old woman , the old man, and me soundly to sleep. Now another pet peeve of the old man was excruciating oil as he put it, but he went along with anything that might settle the old woman down. This oil worked pretty well. I could stay outside and hunt longer now that we all slept better. It was nice to have a break from indoor tension. The old woman got back into the routine of cooking ,shopping, and planning her spring garden. Whew! Maybe some normality!

Just when things seemed a little better everyone and their dog the old woman knew told of going over the due dates two to three weeks!! Here we go again--pacing around the floor and carrying the phone all around the house. Well wishing relatives were now speculating on the color of hair, eyes, and size. She imagined This kid might need a haircut or be crawling by the time it was born. Everyday over the due date seemed like an extra week!!! The old woman had better stock up on lavender oil!

As the days continued forward, the truck began to take on more items to take to Nashville. There were magazines the daughter might like, needlework to decorate the daughter's house, seed packets, gowns, old baby clothes, and jelly and jams. The old man put his foot down by refusing to dig up a three foot herb to take! He was having trouble organizing what they had to have for the trip! The truck had been filled up once again with gas for the trip.

Another check up came around and the daughter said the heartbeat was great and her blood pressure still good. The old woman started checking her blood pressure! Just to be prepared for the unknown trip the old woman kept the washing, cleaning, and calendar updated continually. Where she used to have large loads of clothes in the washer, she grabbed the clothes the old man took off before he got in the shower! Most dishes were washed before the old man had finished eating. Check lists were updated several times a day! The old man and woman tried to think of shopping they could do to take up time!! They drove an hour away to get an ice scoop!!

Then after a pretty good night's sleep, the old lady received a text that labor had begun. Yah!!!!! Now the daughter wanted them not to be in a waiting room for hours ( It could be she had heard how crazy the family was at the first grandkid's birth) . So the pacing around for the kid to be be born was intensified! That old gray cat, Hermione, and I headed outside. This was going to be too crazy for us! The old woman repacked her suitcase since she had forgotten what she packed a month ago. The old man tried to stay in the garage doing busy work to pass the time! Checklists were updated again!

The old lady wore herself out checking her phone, vacuuming, and now calling everyone ,even the fair weather friends, to let them know labor had begun! She thought maybe television would pass the time. Call the midwife was on PBS!!!! The old man almost tripped getting to the remote to turn that off! Then.....

Finally!!!!! Yaoul!!! The kid was born! April 5. Everyone was fine including the old woman who passed out for a snooze on the couch before they planned their leaving to go to Nashville! After all that late business, the kid weighed an average weight! Oh those lungs were healthy, strong, and loud! We cats will be outside if anyone wants to find us when that kid decides to visit.

Hermione and I had an uneventful few days alone inside the house while they went to help the daughter. The old man and woman finally returned and drove slowly up the drive. They were a little sad we thought. The old man and woman are back to the routine these days. They are working in the yard still carrying their phones around in case the daughter sends pictures and videos. Thinking about those videos, we decided this kid was going be a very noisy kid!!! Maybe we should tell the daughter about the meditation recordings and lavender oil!

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