Mayor Lisa Hackett told the Shirley City Council that the paperwork applying for the State Aid City Street Program to overlay the city streets had been completed and sent to the State Aid Street Committee.

She also updated the council on the city preparations for the 2024 eclipse. She said Krista Linn got the city of Shirley’s Facebook page up for the event. She said that it had a link to the Van Buren County’s 2024 Eclipse site,

The city’s next eclipse planning meeting will be at 6 p.m. Oct. 13.

The mayor presented the received bids for the work that needed to be done on several city streets. Two bids were received – from LaLand Huggins and Roger Quarles for a total of $17,290. The projects include:

Repairing two cuts in the road on Guffey Lane, installing two new culverts and building three walls to prevent from washing out.

Grading and cleaning out the ditches on Tarkington Lane.

Repairing Valley Drive to allow vehicles – including emergency vehicles – to Ruth Hodges’ residence.

The council approved the bids with no opposition. Aldermen David Cook and Wanda Poyner were absent from the meeting.

The mayor reported a tree in the ditch next to Calla Linn’s residence needs to be taken down.

“The tree was split down the middle causing it to lean over Ms. Linn’s carport and she was afraid it might fall damaging her car and carport,” the mayor reported.

Mayor Hackett said she will contact Liberty Yard and Tree for an estimate.

The company will also be asked to give a bid to remove the tree on the property line between the City Walking Track and the Beckham family property.

The mayor said several vendors along with three candidates for Van Buren sheriff will be set up at the Harvest Fest Car Show on Oct. 8. She said the candidates “will be there to answer any questions about their campaigns.”

The event will also include a silent auction with several items to bid on and a yard sale to raise money for the Bank building restoration. The mayor suggested Alderman Deborah Kerrigan go to the Arkansas Department of Heritage to check on grants available to help fund restoring the old bank building.

Mayor Hackett said she’s received reports of vandalism recently in city restrooms.

The council will next meet on Oct. 10.

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