Attendance at school and work is very important and is a main focus of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as local schools. Students and staff were recognized for perfect attendance for the second nine weeks and semester.

Staff members who have had perfect attendance for the second nine weeks include Chris Bradford, Layna Jones, Lyndsie Crone, Mark Sutterfield, Cynthia Ferrell, Elaine Enns, Alisa Strang, and Wayne Sutton. These staff members were awarded with Sonic Drinks by Tyrene Gardner.

At high school Hailey Byers had perfect attendance for the second nine weeks. At elementary students with perfect attendance include Mulan Angeles, Gus Beck, Lance Beck, Brian Blair, Chris Bradfield, Eric Bradfield, Aynsley Cowell, Wayde Crawdford, Addie Davis, Seth Eoff, Jolynn Fultz, Sawyer Gardner, Jasmine Geiger, Aaron Gramling, Raylee Hensley, Brenden Johnson, Wrathe Johnson, Kaitlyn Kaufman, Thomas Kauman, Anna Kyle, Elijah Lankford, Lex Little, Daniel McKee, Christiana Meaders, Alexander Shull, Kaylee Smith, Molly Smith, Taylor Uhl, Charles Williams, EmmaLeigh Wyatt. Students who had perfect attendance for the second nine weeks were rewarded with snacks.

Ten of these elementary students have perfect attendance for the entire first semester. They have not missed a day all year. These student are Mulan Angeles, Wayde Crawford, Jolynn Fultz, Sawyer Gardner, Brendon Johnson, Anna Kyle, Elijah Lankford, Christiana Meaders, Charles Williams, and EmmaLeigh Wyatt.

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