Sydney Moore, Shirley High School track coach, announced the following results of the senior high district track meet on April 24 in Mountain Home.

  • Kylie Lasiter, first in Shot Put and third in Discus.
  • Addie Overturff, third in the Long Jump, second in the Mile, fifth in the 100m, third in the 100m hurdles and third in the 4x1.
  • Abigail Hensley, second 800m dash, third in the 4x1.
  • Akayla Rocha, fourth in Discus, third in the 4x1.
  • Mya Sigler, third in the 4x1, fifth in the 400m.
  • Arick Newell, second in Shot Put and second in Discus.
  • Hunter Bradford, third in Shot Put.
  • Wayde Crawford, sixth Shotput and fourth in Discus.
  • Tyler Spencer, fifth Long Jump, fourth 200 Meter Dash, fourth 1600m dash, second in the 4x4 and third in the 4x1.
  • Tayler Spencer, sixth Triple Jump, sixth 800m Dash, first 400m Dash, second in the 4x4 and third in the 4x1.
  • Cobin Baker, sixth in the 1600m, 2 in the 4x4 and third in the 4x1.
  • Hogan Little, sixth in the Long Jump, second in the 4x4 and third in the 4x1.


  • The 4x4 team (Hogan, Tayler, Tyler, Cobin).
  • Tayler in the 400.
  • Arick in Discus and Shotput.
  • Kylie in Shotput.
  • Addie in the Mile.
  • Abigail in the 800.

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