The future home of The CALL in Van Buren County at 268 Main Street on the Clinton Square. Names of individuals, churches and businesses who have donated toward the building are displayed in the windows.

CLINTON-A generous local donor who wishes to remain anonymous has offered to match donations to The CALL in Van Buren County up to $2,500 each month in January, February and March.

The CALL recently raised $15,000 to purchase the building at 268 Main Street on the Clinton square and will soon turn it into a support center for children and youth in foster care in Van Buren County. The funds raised through this new matching offer will be used to make needed building renovations and updates.

“The community has generously made this support center possible,” said Fundraising and Communications Coordinator Kristen Tucker. “We had planned to raise enough to purchase the building and then make necessary changes gradually, as we could afford them. This incredible matching offer puts renovations and building updates within reach much sooner than we ever could have hoped or expected.”

Local volunteers and foster families are excited about the opening of the support center. “We are so happy to announce that we have successfully raised the funds needed to purchase the building,” County Coordinator James Tucker said. “Now, we are surprised and delighted by this matching offer. To be able to make these building repairs and updates now rather than later will help facilitate a faster opening and will prevent future interruptions to service that would likely happen if we were to renovate later, after we open.”

The support center will serve Van Buren County kids in foster care, foster families, biological families and DCFS workers. The largest room will house a “CALL Mall” where foster families can “shop” free of charge for clothing, diapers, formula, and even beds and cribs. The center will also host a room for family visitation, and a meeting space for volunteer training, birthday parties and other life celebrations.

“We would love to have The CALL Support Center open as soon as possible” future Support Center Coordinator Morgan Antie, a local volunteer for The CALL, said. “Not only will it be wonderful to greatly expand our services to foster families and children in care, but it will also provide an opportunity for everyday people in our area to be the hands and feet of Jesus as they serve these kids and families.”

The CALL met its $2,500 matching goal for January and has currently raised $1,525 of its $2,500 goal for February. To donate and help them reach their matching goals for February and March, text “CALLHomeVBC” to 41444 or mail your donation to: The CALL, PO Box 881, Clinton, AR 72031.

You may also reach The CALL and register for their next Online Zoom Information Meeting at 6pm Thursday, March 11th by emailing VanBurenCounty or by calling 501-251-7331.

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