As I remember my Aunt Elma [Treece] Cox, she was a caring person, she was the oldest girl in the family and she got the nickname “Sis.”

One time all the kids were playing on the ice. The sun came out and when she looked at the other children they all looked blue to her and she started screaming.

My mom told me about them having a pet groundhog. They would play hide and seek with it. They would hide in the weeds and the groundhog would stand on its hind legs and whistle until it found them. They enjoyed that little animal a lot until it got grown and went back into the wild.

My earliest memories of her was how she was so worried that her girls would get choked on food or fall and get hurt. She liked to keep a close watch on them.

I heard a story about my aunt Elma when she was dating her future husband, her cousin was dating his brother. The girls invited their boyfriends for supper and the girls made a cream pie. They served the boys the first piece of the pie and they ate it. When a family member tried the pie they discovered that the girls had put salt in it instead of sugar.

My aunt Elma took care of her mother-in-law when she got old and she took care of her mother when she got old. She always welcomed visitors. She raised three daughters that growed up to be fine ladies.

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