CLINTON — “Everything old is new again” is the name of the song. For proof of that, dial 501-745-2345 and hear the time and temp for Van Buren County.

For those who can recall a time before cell phones, time and temp was the number you called to, well, get the current, accurate, time and temperature. It was especially handy when setting the time on a new clock, or calibrating a thermometer. (It was also handy if you couldn’t find your wristwatch and didn’t feel like getting up and looking out the window while sitting by the phone, some say.)

Time and temp service was restored by John Lochridge, whose Dallas firm Memory Lane Communications LLC re-instituted the number. Lochridge, a telephone engineer, is a phone fan who contracted to restore the service, which began operating March 12.

Lochridge has also re-instituted time and temp in Jonesboro as he has hundreds of time and temp numbers around the country. Lochridge said his biggest joy in resorting the service is “making people’s day” as people were reminded of an earlier time.

He had one story of a woman who recalled to him after the service was restored in one community, during the war and missing her husband, calling time and temp “just to hear a human voice.”

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