I am Sheriff Lucas Emberton and proud to announce that I will be seeking re-election for Van Buren County Sheriff.

Currently I serve as your sheriff of Van Buren county. I been involved in Law Enforcement for 15 plus years. I have worked as Jailer/Dispatcher, Deputy, DTF Agent, Evidence Officer, Fiscal Officer, and have worked alongside DEA, FBI and US Marshals. I have worked hard these past 3 years for a positive change in Van Buren County. As I seek to be re-elected as Sheriff, I want to bring innovative and positive ideas to the office.

With my children growing up here in Van Buren County, I have and will continue to be concerned about the well being of all the citizens in Van Buren County. While the drug situation has gotten somewhat better it is still the major issue that we need to continue to battle every day. Raising my children in this county just reinforces my commitment to protecting our schools and communities.

I have stood firm on my other priorities of continued employee training for all law enforcement to be prepared for active shooter situations, continuous field training, standards for dispatchers and jailers and, of course, training on how to handle narcotics on all levels. Also, the Sheriff’s Office budget, we have managed to work within the strict constraints of always staying within the budget to the point where all debt has been paid off and will continue to operate on a debt free policy.

I am asking for your vote and support for re-election as your Van Buren County Sheriff so we can continue to accomplish this together. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me, please feel free to contact me at 501-253-3205.

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