An appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court has been filed in the county wet-vote ballot question, allowing alcohol sales in the county if passed, scheduled for the November election.

The appeal is filed under the name of Stay Strong, Status Quo, and Bevans Family Limited Partnership which had challenged the legality of the signatures and forms used by Let Van Buren County Vote, which had gathered the signatures required to put the vote on this year’s ballot.

The appeal also lists the county election commission and Van Buren County Election Commissioner Verna Hicks, reflecting the request to have the wet question removed from the November ballot or, if the question is on the ballot, for the results not to be counted.

An earlier circuit court decision, rejecting the challenge by Stay Strong, is being challenged in the appeal. It calls out several justifications for the appeal, including the time-line of the circuit court’s rejection.

From the “Jurisdictional Statement” in online court records: “... This is an appeal of the circuit court’s order dismissing Plaintiffs’ complaint asserting that a Van Buren County, Arkansas local-option question could not be placed on the November 3, 2020, general election ballot, or the votes for and against it could not be counted or canvassed, because the appeal of the Van Buren County, Arkansas County Clerk’s certification of the petition seeking its placement on the ballot was not decided at least 65 days before the November 3, 2020, general election as the controlling statutes require.”

The appeal by Stay Strong asks for an expedited process of the appeal by the Supreme Court, and the was approved Sept. 22. The expedited process requires Stay Strong’s brief by Sept. 24 and response by Oct. 1.

The court has received the brief by Stay Strong (quoted above).

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