Contributed by Susan Isom

You've set your wedding date, selected your wedding party, found that perfect dress and gorgeous heels to match, yet there remains another critical matter for you to address- your skin.
Every blushing bride radiates that natural glowing beauty from within, yet you crave something more. Brides today are indulging in Botox, dermal fillers and skin treatments to prepare for their special moment.

The Glowing Skin You Long for is Within Reach
In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning do not neglect your most important wedding accessory. What is it, you ask? It's your skin. The stress in your life shows up on your face, so here are some ideas, tips, pointers to acquiring gorgeous skin. Non-invasive treatments are popular with brides for there quick recovery times and quick results. Treatments like microdermabrasion, vibraderm, peels, anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal-fillers can all contribute to obtaining radiant skin.

Rejuvinate skin with superficial peels
Using chemical exfoliants such as glycolic, salicylic and trichoroacetic acid, 2 months beforehand, estheticians are able to help remove sun damaged skin for a more even skin tone. Peels can help you recover your shiny, taut facial skin, making it a perfect palate for makeup application.

Expose beautiful skin beneath the surface
with Microdermabrasion
The outer layer of the skin is refined by using gentle abrasion and suction to painlessly remove dead skin and create a look of healthy, glowing skin. Microdermabrasion can be done every 2 weeks to help diminish lines and wrinkles.

Look relaxed with Botox
With all the wedding stress and preparation, you don't want to look like your frowning when you're not. Botox can remove the look of a furrowed brow and forehead lines, as well as relax smile lines around your eyes. Botox injected 2 weeks before your wedding can help you look totally relaxed for your wedding and photos. Helping you convey a "no stress here" look!

Fillers create beautiful full lips and fill fine lines
If you've never had a filler before, it is probably a good idea to be conservative the first time around, and make sure that you like the results. The filler is injected into the unwanted lines to smooth away the look of wrinkles and is also injected into lips to create plumping affect. This treatment lasts for several months. A good timeline for fillers is 8 to 3 weeks before the big day.

Schedule a relaxing facial
Having a facial is a great way to de-stress the skin when you have a lot on your mind and much to organize. However, facials respond to each person differently, so it's best to try one out couple months beforehand to see how your skin reacts.

Last Minute Skincare Tips for Your Big Day

Nourish your skin with water
We hear this all the time and we know that we should keep ourselves hydrated, so drink plenty of water to keep dehydrated skin at bay. Water will soften your skin to help retain its healthy glow. Water also carries nutrients to our cells to keep them well hydrated. For extra pampering of your skin, try a hydrating mist.

It's called beauty sleep for a reason
Simply, there is no substitute for sleep. Look at a person's face and immediately you know if they are getting enough rest. Try to avoid late nights prior to your wedding day, as your skin would most likely look dull and dry. Also, rest will help eliminate dark circles around the eyes, as well as tired, droopy eyes. Sleep does wonders for your skin, so take time to get your beauty sleep.

Boost up your skincare regimen
This is equal to securing that critical appointment with your stylist for your fabulous cut and color. Scheduling an appointment with your esthetician should be a priority on your list. Try to start a good and disciplined skincare routine at least 2 months prior to your wedding. This will help to condition your skin and make it look its absolute best on your wedding day.
In the midst of your whirlwind wedding planning don't lose sight of the most important purpose. It's about marrying the man of your dreams. It's about saying "I do" to building your lifetime of love together.