By Rebecca Brockman

The 10 women featured in this issue are all unique and come from a variety of professions and backgrounds. Yet, these same 10 women share a common heart beat - they love their community. Faulkner County is blessed to have these inspirational and trailblazing women in their midst. You will find these woman working at your children's school, perfecting local festivals, bringing events to the local library, practicing healthy living, bridging gaps, keeping local companies competitive and working for the city. These women are humble, creative, insightful, energetic and honored to be recognized.

About this publication
When Women's Inc. was recognized as the winner of the Business and Professional Women's (BPW) "Best Promotion of Working Women's Issues in the Media" by the Arkansas BPW Federation at the group's annual "Women Mean Business" Awards Gala, the editorial staff of the magazine was honored. With that honor came the commitment from the Women's Inc. editorial board that the magazine would continue to promote businesswomen's issues and to recognize individual women making an impact in their workplace and the community.
After months of planning, Women's Inc. formed a selection committee to recognize emerging leaders in Faulkner County to be called the Women's Inc. 10 Women to Watch in 2010. The selection committee was an anonymous group of local women from various demographics and professions who took time to review nominations from the public and questionnaires.
Selection criteria were based on qualities that the committee considered essential for an emerging leader in Faulkner County: What kind of impact does she have on her workplace? Is she mentoring the next generation? Is she active in the community? The committee was overwhelmed by the nominees' accomplishments and soon realized that they had found a huge group of women in the business community who were very humbled, yet extremely deserving of this recognition.
Here are the Women's Inc. 10 Women to Watch in 2010 finalists, each with many years of proven leadership in Faulkner County, along with 10 women selected by the committee to be highlighted as emerging leaders. Thank you for your commitment to your home, family, workplace, peers and the next generation. Women's Inc. encourages all the Women to Watch to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Congratulations!

The list

Haley Fowler

Place of Employment
University of Central Arkansas
Assistant Director of Alumni Services
Contribution to Profession
Haley has been an active participant in both statewide and national professional organizations associated with her position at UCA Alumni Services. Some of the organizations include: Alumni Professionals in Arkansas, Council for Alumni Membership and Marketing Professionals, Council for Advancement, and Support of Education and Association of Student Advancement Programs (ASAP).
This year, Haley joined the UCA Athletics NCAA Certification Committee. She serves on the Gender-Minority Equity Sub-Committee.
Public and Community Service
Faulkner County Boys and Girls Club
â¢Board of Directors - Jan. 2008 to present
â¢Resource Committee and Public Relations Committee
â¢2008 and 2009 Auction Co-Chair and Phone-A-Thon Co-Chair
Additionally, some of Haley's public and community service involvement includes
Paint the Town Purple Committee - 2007 to present
Kiwanis Member - 2007 to present
Red Cross Heroes - 2008
Go Red for Women (American Heart Association) - 2009
Kris Allen Task Force Committee - 2009
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Haley has developed and implemented programs and events that introduce all students, from freshman to recent graduates, to the UCA Alumni Association.
Freshman Programming: Freshman welcome lunch, freshman tradition keepers and freshman fight song shirts
Grad Central (One-stop-shop for all graduation needs)
New Professionals Seminar (Professional networking)
Mentoring others
Haley is the Advisor to the Association of Future Alumni and the Alumi Advisor for Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. She also provides letters of recommendation for students as they apply for post-graduate and professional positions. Students can also call on her for resume building tips and career counseling.
Haley's career centers on helping students while they attend UCA and once they graduate. "I want UCA students to graduate with a strong affinity to the university. I want everyone in Faulkner County to bleed Pride!" stated Haley. She believes that she relates well with the young adults, being a young professional herself.
In 2010, Haley will continue to focus on current and future students on UCA. She is also working on her masters. "I do my best to maintain a balance between work, family life, and serving the community," Haley said. "I'm a very positive and optimistic person and I try to tell myself these three things, 'Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life,' (Matthew 6:25). Live, laugh, love, and dance like nobody is watching, and lastly, live life to the fullest and have fun in everything you do."

Traci Williams Kennedy

Place of Employment
Acxiom Corporation
Delivery Executive, Financial Services Division
Contribution to Profession
By recruiting others to this profession (especially women), supporting higher education and the students who are considering entering the marketing and IT field.
Other ways she has contributed in the past and present are
Contributed to the Business Alumni Advisory Council - Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Board of Directors for the Walton College Alumni Society
Past President and board member of the Arkansas Alumni Association, Faulkner County Chapter
Recruiter for Acxiom for the past 13 years
Speaker at Marketing and IT classes at UCA and U of A
Demonstration of Leadership
Worked at Acxiom for 13 years and 10 of those years have been spent in a formal leadership position. Over the past couple of years, Traci has focused on leading her colleagues through a bad economy and tough times. She strives to help her customers realize that her goals and objectives and Acxiom's goals and objectives revolve around their success.
Public and Community Service
Traci said her top priority when it comes to community service is volunteering at First United Methodist Church. "I can touch more lives by helping my church help others," she said. Her second priority is volunteering her time at Jim Stone Elementary, where her two school-age children attend.
Other organizations where Traci gives of her time include
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Board of Directors
Junior Auxiliary of Conway, Inc., Past Treasurer and Life Member
Faulkner County Leadership Institute Graduate (Class of 2006).
Over the past years, she's volunteered for Toad Suck Daze, Independent Living Services, Boys and Girls Club, United Way, Bethlehem House, CAPCA and CASA.
Led workplace improvements
Traci's job revolves around making improvements. But it doesn't stop there, the improvements that are made must benefit both the client and Acxiom. According to Traci, "There is never a time at Acxiom when I am not leading an improvement process initiative for our clients, the Financial Services Industry or [the company] in general."
Traci is excited about 2010 and ready to take on new ventures in the coming year. But no matter what the professional world throws at her, it's her family and church that remain her stronghold and priority. "I am truly a 'Y2K' woman living in the best of all worlds," Traci said. She is referring to the fact that along with having a professional life, she has an active part in her children's life and in her community. Traci feels very lucky to have the career and opportunities that Conway provides.
In 2010, Traci is optimistic about the challenging economy and how it relates to Acxiom and her role in the company. "For me as a leader, I try to keep people happy," she said. Also in the new year, Traci is looking forward to becoming active in the Conway Downtown Partnership with her good friend Kim Williams. Whether helping one of her children, attending to a client at Acxiom or volunteering at her church, Traci is passionate about a successful outcome.

Gloria Massey

Place of Employment
Conway Christian School
Chief Administrator (Superintendent)
Contribution to Profession
Gloria's contribution is slightly different than the other nine women to watch. Her contribution at Conway Christian School (CCS) is sometimes seen in the eyes of students or when a student graduates high school. "We are preparing the next generation of leaders and citizens. We must offer an academic and spiritual education that will prepare them to serve others with integrity and character," she said.
Students from CCS have attended colleges and universities throughout the country. They've pursued higher education at the following places: Wheaton College, Moody Bible Institute, University of Arkansas, University of Central Arkansas, University of Arkansas at Ouachita, Air Force Academy, Central Baptist University, Hendrix, John Brown University, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Belmont, Southwest Baptist, and many more. Next year, 34 students are expected to graduate.
Public and Community Service
Through CCS, Gloria has supported Life Choices, collected food and funds for Bethlehem House, Faulkner County Day School, Conway Human Development Center, Conway Senior Citizens, and Soul Food Café.
From 1980 to 2006, Gloria served as the music and youth minister at Beryl Baptist Church.
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Created an outreach community ministry that has allowed students and staff to give to others and meet the needs of people in Faulkner County.
Offered parenting seminars for CCS families that teach topics such as discipline, special needs, and a variety of other subjects.
Mentoring others
Every day Gloria comes to work, she is a mentor to every child she comes in contact with, whether they are in preschool or high school. She said she is "blessed" to lead a staff of incredible educators and have a positive affect on her community and world for Jesus Christ.
Gloria is also a mentor at her church and has had the privilege to see youth she mentored go on to serve in leadership positions throughout the country. One of her favorite quotes is by Phillip Brooks, "Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."
Both professionally and personally, Gloria's desire is to be the best that God has called her to be and to please Him. She recognizes that her accomplishments derive from the help of others and by faith in God. "Apart from Him, nothing in my life has been accomplished that is of any real value. He has established CCS and has had His hand upon our school since the beginning," Gloria said. She was a part-time teacher and the only administrator when Conway Christian School was founded in 1992. Gloria's devotion to the school increases with every school year and her hope is "for CCS to provide the best academic and spiritual training for our students." As the start of another school year is underway and schedules start to get busy, Gloria offers a positive thought, "We often face challenges in life. To have the peace of God, I must commit my thoughts and ways to Him. He will change the challenges into opportunities for His glory."

Sarah Mattingly

Place of Employment
Faulkner County Library
Adult Events Coordinator and Reference Librarian
Contribution to Profession
Sarah establishes a sense of "community" as an integral part of the public library service through cultural events and programming. She believes the library is a "community center of learning" and should include entertaining and informative pedagogy. In 2007, upon accepting her current position, Sarah developed and established adult programs at the Faulkner County Library.
In addition to her position at the library, Sarah has assessed the community's cultural needs. For example, in May of this year, she screened the documentary, "Beyond Our Differences," a film about religious tolerance
Public and Community Service
Sarah has brought programs to the Faulkner County Library that are for the community, serve the community, and most importantly, are free to the community. Some of these programs include author discussions, monthly concerts, documentary screenings, and a variety of classes and workshops. Responding to the need of her community, Sarah has started to offer monthly, informative resume workshops. In addition to being a coordinator, she is also an artist. Sarah teaches art workshops at the library, free of charge, and provides the materials.
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Keeping with her mission to assist the community, Sarah wrote and applied for a grant from the Arkansas State Library to create a program for senior citizens. She received the grant and started the Wii Senior program, which offers seniors the opportunity to play two Wii gaming consoles, computer assistance, and book retrieval.
Mentoring others
Since 2005, Sarah has taught a Fundamentals of Charcoal Drawing Class to children, ages 8-12. The class is free and drawing materials are provided. The classes usually last six to 12 weeks and end with an awards assembly and exhibition.
Sarah not only teaches the classes, she developed the curriculum for them as well. Each class relates to a lesson in art history and a lesson on a selected element or principle of art, for example, movement or texture. Her joy is seeing students return the following year for another class and advising young artists as they become young adults.
After speaking with Sarah for a few minutes, a couple of things are perfectly clear; she loves her job and her community. She started working at the library part-time in 2003, but she accepted the position as Adult Services Librarian in 2007. Her passions include reading (of course), public service, and art.
In 2008, her mixed media art piece was selected for the Delta Exhibition. The Delta Exhibition, featured at the Arkansas Arts Center, is one of the longest running juried, contemporary art exhibitions outside of New York.
Sarah has invested herself at the Faulkner County Library because of the community and to promote intellectual freedom. "The library protects the freedom to read," Sarah explained. She sees the library as a creative learning center that is a changing, yet an integral part of the community. Sarah truly enjoys her job and only wants to bring bigger and better event and programs to the establishment. Make sure to visit Sarah, no doubt she will change your view of the library, "I make noise at the library!" she said with a laugh.

Lauralee Wilcox McCool

Place of Employment
City of Conway and Quorum Court of Faulkner County
Director of Community Development for the City of Conway
Contribution to Profession
The City of Conway hired Lauralee to oversee a federal grant. In addition to the original grant, she has sought out and applied for other grants for the city. In the first six months of her role as Director of Community Development, Lauralee brought in over $1 million in grant money.
Lauralee has also reached out to the non-profit sector and took the lead on a grant for non-profit housing. She also worked on a second grant for emergency rental assistance through the non-profits in Conway.
Public and Community Service
Presently Lauralee is serving the following organizations:
â¢Toad Suck Continuum of Care, where she serves as the city liaison to non-profit consortium helping the homeless
â¢Communications chair for the Faulkner County Leadership Institute Board
â¢Kiwanis Club
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Currently, Lauralee is leading the effort for the City of Conway to build its first houses for low-to-moderate income homeowners. She is meeting and negotiating with six property owners to purchase what will become the "show block" of homes. Lauralee has researched funding for these homes and met with agencies that grant money for projects such as these. Meanwhile, she is working closely with the city's planning department to implement a plan similar to the Old Conway Design Overlay.
Mentoring others
For the past several years, Lauralee has met with the adult Faulkner County Leadership Institute to discuss the Quorum Court's role in county government. This year, Lauralee met with the Youth Leadership Institute and talked to them about what's it like to be a woman in politics. She is involved with several networking groups including Faulkner County Leadership Institute, the Conway Chamber of Commerce and its Conway Young Professionals, and the Conway Regional Women's Council. Additionally, she regularly attends events in Wooster, Greenbrier, Springhill, and Beaverfork communities. Working at the city and county level has allowed Lauralee to see multiple sides of a project and dialogue from both sides. "I am constantly cognizant of the fact that I work for the citizens of this great county and city," Lauralee said. She has led efforts to revitalize historic and deteriorating neighborhoods in Conway and has made great strides in improving roads in Faulkner County. Currently, Lauralee is serving on the Courthouse Task Force, which is developing plans for a new courthouse. Right now, her focus is raising her two young daughters. "My personal goals all revolve around shaping these two wonderful children into caring adults," the active mother said. The busy mother and business woman admits that working in politics is fast paced and exciting, but thankfully her personal life is slow and peaceful. Lauralee keeps the words of Philippians 4:11 close to her heart, "For I have learned to be content, no matter what the circumstances."

Pamela Mosley

Place of Employment
Attunement Practitioner
Contribution to Profession
In Pamela's line of work, her intent is to live ever more "in tune" and in harmony with the deepest truth she can access. She offers personal Attunement sessions in a sanctuary space that caters to discovering harmony. According to Pamela, in these sessions, life force energy is radiated into the world and contributes to peace on all levels.
Recently, her essay titled, "Who Do You Think You Are?" was published in the recent anthology, Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman's Guide to Life, a further contribution to the field of Attunement. Check out for more information about the guide.
Public and Community Service
Two years ago, Pamela committed to hosting the internationally known global awareness author and speaker, David Korten. Desiring to serve the community and share Korten's "Great Turning" vision, $2000 was raised and over 100 people got involved.
The original group later became the Faulkner County Supporters of Sustainable Communities (FCSSC). Now over 400 people are part of the group and plans are underway for their third Sustainability Forum this fall
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
In 2009, Pamela has been part of a co-creative team to offer a new eco-spiritual initiative in central Arkansas. The initiative is called Our Natural State. The team organizes "seasonal outings and sacred sojourns to help participants experience a reconnection with the power and beauty of the divine nature within and all around us."
Mentoring others
Pamela encourages creative expression and believes her encouragement will effect future generations. She is also involved in mentoring others, including:
â¢Raising her two sons
â¢Introducing "earth listening" to area preschoolers
â¢Offering grade-school summer activities for Young Leaders
â¢Being a guest presenter at college religion classes and encouraging FCSSC leadership
â¢Founded a high school organization in Austin, Texas, 10 years ago that recently received national attention for its successful presence in Austin high schools. The organization encourages students to discover and trust their own inner direction to offer their gifts into the world.
Pamela is an Attunement Practitioner and the first and only person to practice it in Arkansas. She describes what she does by saying, "It's a particular way of working with life force energy to bring balance and harmony to body, mind, and heart for myself and my clients." Although her sessions are one-on-one, she involves herself with the community to encourage and empower whole self-participation as a harmonious way of life on the planet. Next year she will be involved with Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) and is hoping to increase local participation in the organization. Pamela also said she is going to explore ideas about bartering and local currency, freely rest as needed, and dance with the changes! She reminds herself often, "Life can be trusted." Put simply, "I live by this process of letting go and being awed by the infinite creativity of life."

Zaudi Ramirez

Place of Employment
Conway Public Schools
Community Liaison Coordinator
Contribution to Profession
Zaudi is dedicated to the Hispanic community and the Conway Public School District. She contributes to her profession with the passion she has for her job and the well-being of the students.
Public and Community Service
Zaudi serves as one of the directors for Leaping Libros, an English as a Second Language (ESL) summer reading camp. Zaudi said the event was a great success and each student took home a bag with at least 10 books in it. She had numerous responsibilities and advocacy opportunities. Some of the opportunities included:
â¢Working with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), who provided a grant for the event.
â¢Organizing a school district wide book drive. The collected books were distributed to the campers.
Additionally, she has worked with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) as a liaison for a Hispanic community who needed their services.
Recently, she aided Dr. Peg Fallscorbitt from Hendrix College in a unique way. In order for Fallscorbitt's students to better understand the Hispanic culture, Zaudi opened her home and gave them a personal lesson. She cooked some Latin cuisine and hosted a panel of Hispanic leaders from Conway.
Other areas of service include
â¢Translating documents for Make a Child Smile
â¢Served on various committees for the district, including the Achievement Gap and the Conway Public Schools Handbook Committee. In the latter committee, Zaudi was responsible for translating these handbooks for the CPS and explaining the handbook to the parents.
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
â¢Creator of the summer reading camp for English learners.
â¢Developed a program in 2007 called "Milk and Bread for Families in Need."
â¢Organize ESL parent nights for Hispanic families.
â¢Created a Folkloric Mexican dance group with students in the CPS.
Zaudi understands what it's like to come to a country and not understand what teachers are teaching and people are saying. Fourteen years ago, Zaudi arrived in the U.S. from Puerto Rico, without a liaison and without a voice. Now, she is the Community Liaison Coordinator for Conway School District and helps family and students daily.
As she looks to the year ahead, Zaudi is focused on "increasing parental involvement and become more involved with students in the high school," because, as she so confidently says, "Helping others is the right thing to do." Zaudi said she is always telling her students and everyone else around her to, "believe in themselves, that comes first." In 2010, Zaudi is looking forward to taking care of herself, something most women sacrifice. "I want to put myself first, so I can be a better wife and mother."

Shawanna Rodgers

Place of Employment
True Holiness Saints Center Inc.
Executive Administrator
Contribution to Profession
By providing excellent customer service, mentorship and development and working with a spirit of excellence. Shawanna believes that everything she does should be done with a spirit of excellence and encourages her mentees to do the same. She has trained church administrators in the local community and surrounding areas.
Public and Community Service
Shawanna is involved in the following organizational services:
Faulkner County Community Vision Council, board member, 2008 to present
Boys & Girls Club, volunteer, 2008 to present
CAPCA, volunteer/ partner, 2007 to present
UCA's Judah Chorale, volunteer/mentor, 2006 to present
UCA's Interdenominational Christian Council (ICC), senior advisor, 2004 to present
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
This Executive Administrator has been an active part in implementing a new teenage youth group called Generation Next. Because she believes, "Our youth today become our future for tomorrow," Shawanna strives to teach the youth values, morals, and integrity to become leaders as they transition into adulthood.
Mentoring others
Shawanna works closely with teenagers and college students. She tries to ensure that what she says aligns with her actions. "A true leader is one who does what's right when no one else is watching," she said. On Thursday nights on the UCA campus, Shawanna speaks to an average of 60 to 75 students during ICC's Real Talk classes.
Each and every day, Shawanna's main job is to oversee the daily operations of True Holiness Saints Center in Conway. But during that same day, she goes above and beyond her job description to keep the Center and everyone she comes in contact with happy. Besides her main duties, she serves as the liaison between True Holiness and several different community organizations. Some of those organizations include Mayor Tab Townsell, Conway Civil Service Commission, United Way of Faulkner County, and the Conway Chamber of Commerce.
She has vowed that her level of commitment to the Center and her community will carry over to 2010. Shawanna was humbled to receive this honor of being a 'Woman to Watch.' "I see myself as just one of the countless women who has simply chosen to believe that together we can help our city reach its full potential," she said.
Her faith in God and practicing hard work allows her to believe that all things are possible. Words of an old spiritual song have become her life's soundtrack, "If I can help somebody as I travel along life's way, then my living shall not be in vain." And so she helps a person at work, students at UCA, and anyone else that needs assistance. "God has blessed me to bless others."

Mary Margaret Satterfield

Place of Employment
Conway Area Chamber of Commerce
Director of Events
Contribution to Profession
As a marketing and events professional, Mary Margaret has shared her expertise in festival and event planning through professional associations, seminars, presentations, and mentoring people into the field. Her contribution goes beyond Faulkner County and includes statewide recognition. Toad Suck Daze is Mary Margaret's main committee and focus throughout the year. Since 2002, the festival has received over 25 awards and received the Arkansas Festival and Events Association (AFEA) Festival of the Year Award for 2008.
Public and Community Service
A majority of Mary Margaret's public service participation has been with AFEA. Within the association, her service includes:
â¢Served as President for two years and on the board for six years.
â¢Featured speaker at the Texas Festival and Event Association conference.
Her public service also extends to the following organizations:
â¢Arkansas Hospitality Association's Travel Council
â¢Heart of Arkansas Tourism Association, member of the Board of Directors
â¢Faulkner County Fair Board, board member
â¢First United Methodist Church, member
â¢Women's Inc. Advisory Board, founding member
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Within the Chamber and festival association teams, Mary Margaret has helped to implement excellent ideas that help improve festivals and events. Events that have benefited from sharing good ideas and methods include Toad Suck Daze, Business Expo, and Fayetteville Shale Expo.
Mentoring others
For the past eight years, Mary Margaret has been perfecting her trade and is able to share her success strategies with other people. Many people contact her with questions and are referred to her for information about events. She is constantly meeting with event planners, volunteers, and chamber professionals throughout the state to share ideas and help them understand aspects of event organization and implementation.
Between events and festivals throughout the year, Mary Margaret stays busy and in demand. "Keeping an event successful is done by introducing new ideas," stated Mary Margaret. Her goal in 2010 is to continue to work with the great committees and groups that are part of each event and to bring new and exciting events to Conway.
She is proud of her community, "Working as a part of a group for the betterment of the community is something that was taught to me by example from my parents and grandparents. I love that as part of my job, I get to work with others to improve the city I love."
Mary Margaret said she also plans on becoming more involved in her community by involving herself in activities outside of the Chamber realm. For the first time ever this past year, part of the Toad Suck Daze festival was cancelled because of rain. Mary Margaret is already looking forward to the next Toad Suck Daze and making it one of the best ever. When the rain or something unexpected comes her way, she remembers a quote her friend's mother gave her at high school graduation, "I believe that wherever your journeys take you, there are gods waiting there with divine laughter and patience."

Andrea Woods

Place of Employment
Nabholz Construction Company
Vice President and Corporate Counsel
Led workplace improvements
Andrea is Nabholz's first in-house legal counsel. She has added value to the organization by providing exceptional legal services with an "eye toward the day to day business realities our employees are facing." Some of the specific improvements by the legal department include increased detail in tracking claims, managing litigation and outside counsel expenditures, negotiating contracts in an accurate manner, and assisting employees with decisions that decrease legal risks. Andrea's hard work was recognized when she received the Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award in 2007.
Public and Community Service
Andrea currently serves as the Vice Chair for the United Way of Central Arkansas. She has also served as campaign coordinator for Nabholz Construction's Central Division for two years.
Other areas of service include
Member of Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre Volunteer Guild
Member of the Conway Kiwanis Club
Teaching the youth at St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Volunteering at the Central Arkansas Human Resources Association (CAHRA) Job Fair and assisting with the CAHRA Workforce Readiness training program
Creation and Implementation of unique initiative in the workplace or community
Andrea is one of the founding members of the Arkansas Bar Association's Corporate and In-House Counsel Section. Working with another in-house friend, Andrea determined it was important to create an in-house counsel network with one another and serve as resources for each other when confronted by challenges in the corporate environment. This network came to fruition about four years ago and now has 135 attorney members from small to medium legal departments both public and private.
Mentoring others
Andrea's mentoring activities include:
â¢CAHRA President, the organization focused on developing a stronger outreach to the community in terms of both workplace readiness and college relations.
â¢Serving Faulkner County United Way as Chair in 2010.
â¢Volunteering for Judge Rhonda Wood's Teen Court Program. When she volunteered for the first time, Andrea said, "I discovered this is another way to serve our community and our court system and hopefully serve as a mentor to students who may be interested in pursuing a legal career."
Andrea is hitting the ground running in 2010, both professionally and literally. She plans on running in two half marathons and increasing the efficiency of the legal department. Clearly, she is on the move in all sectors of her life and is prepared to serve her company and community. "I hope to serve our community in a manner consistent with what my father taught me, a manner which exemplifies personal integrity and an unfettered commitment to family and community," Andrea said.
She is excited about serving Faulkner County United Way as Chair in the coming year. Andrea hopes Central Arkansans will be motivated to assist those in need. "I am a firm believer that the good things you do, whether they are large or small, have a positive effect on those around you."