By Andrea Lennon

Recently, I spent a week in Germany with 150 women whose "business" is telling other people the story of Jesus Christ. These women devote themselves to serving as International Missionaries. Daily they fulfill the New Testament call to "go" and "tell." It is easy to place missionaries on a spiritual pedestal thinking, "I could never do that." However, the Bible teaches that every believer in Jesus Christ is a missionary. We are all called to "go" and "tell."
Your place of employment provides an opportunity for you to fulfill the call to "go" and "tell." The amount of time you spend with your coworkers supports this fact. It is not uncommon for full-time professionals to spend as much time with their coworkers as their families. Coworkers become people God surrounds you with who need to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. As you spend time with your coworkers and genuinely care about the things going on in their lives, you earn the right to share your faith.
Sharing your faith can be intimidating. Believers often fall into the trap of thinking, "I do not know enough about the Bible." Or, "No one cares what I have to say." However, the Bible teaches that sharing your faith does not require an abundance of knowledge or a large audience. Sharing your faith can occur each time you act or react in a way that causes someone to say, "I want what she has in her life!"
Matthew 5:16 states "Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven," (New International Version). The challenge from this verse becomes living out your faith. The instruction is clear - let your light shine. Where are you to allow your light to shine? The verse says " before men." Why should you do this? You let your light shine so that people around you can see the difference Jesus makes in your life and, as a result, turn to God in praise.
For just a moment, think about the people in your place of work. Think about the ones who need to know Jesus. Maybe it is the girl who works in the next cubicle. Perhaps it is your boss who works just down the hall. Place yourself in their position; imagine living a life without God's peace and direction. Then ask yourself this question, "If I were in their position, would I want someone to tell me about Jesus?" Without a doubt, my answer would be "YES!" I would want someone to tell me how to have a life that is full of God's peace.
This week I want to challenge you to take part in the "business" of sharing Jesus Christ. Be bold in your faith. Each day live out Biblical truth. Be a woman of courage who is not ashamed of the message of Jesus Christ. Leave no question mark in regards to your desperate need for a Savior. As you take on this challenge, know that God's light is shining in you and through you. Before long, your coworkers will note your desperate need for a Savior and perhaps turn to Him in their time of need.