By Angie Howard

Women in business, similarly to women at home, are often responsible for the smooth and seamless operation of day to day occurrences. Just as we make sure laundry is done, dishes are put away, and the family is fed in our domestic sphere, in the realm of the workplace, we are often the ones to ensure that paper is loaded in the printer, coffee pots are perking in the morning, and the office thermostat is set comfortably. No matter how busy we are or high-ranking our corporate title, as a woman it seems instinctive for us to provide for the comfort of others around us, be it our family members or coworkers.
As overseers of the office space, we now have a variety of opportunities to guarantee a more "green" workplace through adopting some simple habits in our daily routines and making a few uncomplicated modifications to how things are done at our places of employment. Recently, some exciting additions available for Faulkner County businesses to adopt eco-friendly habits have arisen through the expansion of area recycling programs.
The City of Conway Sanitation Department has formed a close partnership with the Faulkner County Solid Waste Management District (FCSWMD) to now provide commercial recycling collection for interested businesses throughout Faulkner County, no longer limited to businesses in Conway city limits.
The FCSWMD collects materials utilizing District manpower and equipment, then takes those recyclables to the City of Conway Recycling Facility for processing. Since Conway's facility is responsible for processing the material, Faulkner County businesses are offered the same "co-mingled" recycling program that Conway businesses and residents enjoy. This simply means that you are not required to sort materials in your office, greatly simplifying the recycling process.
The FCSWMD and City of Conway Sanitation Department now offer workstation and copy room/break room recycling bins available free of charge to businesses in our county. These recycling bins are designed especially to fit easily underneath desks and beside copy machines and vending machines to promote the close proximity of recycling receptacles.
Materials recycled through Faulkner County's program include:
⢠Paper (white, colored, post-it notes, junk mail, etc.)
⢠Cardboard (corrugated and pasteboard)
⢠Magazines and phone books
⢠Aluminum and steel cans
⢠Plastics (all numbered plastics #1- #7)
⢠Textiles (old clothing, sheets, towels)
All of these materials can be co-mingled in your business recycling bins. Electronics (computers, copiers, fax machines, TVs, etc.) are also recycled free of charge from Faulkner county businesses and residents during annual "E-Cycle Drives." The next electronic waste recycling drive is tentatively scheduled for May 2010.
Going green in your business has simply never been easier! As the caretaker of your workplace, rise up ladies and jump on board to get your business recycling today! Then, not only will you feel good about accomplishing professional achievements in your career, you can stake claim to realizing environmental success for you and your coworkers.
To get setup for a free commercial recycling collection program at your business, current customers of Conway Sanitation Department call (501) 450-6155. Faulkner county businesses outside of Conway Sanitation service routes, call the FCSWMD at (501) 336-0758 to get started recycling. today!