Women's Inc. Guide to Special Occasion Jewelry By Sherry Smith

Special occasions are defined differently by everyone. To some a special occasion is confined to the traditional, i.e. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, while to others it is just a pretty day spent with the right person. Whatever your definition of a special occasion one constant remains, it should be commemorated in a tangible way. For the staff at Fletcher Smith's that tangible way is always going to involve jewelry. It doesn't matter whether it is a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace, as long as it is something you can hold or wear and remember back to that special time.
For most women the first special occasion tied to jewelry is her engagement. At Fletcher Smith's Jewelers, Arkansas' oldest jewelry store, we think it should be the most fun and romantic time of your life and we work hard to make it that way. For 90 years a member of the Smith family has helped couples select the perfect engagement ring. Today Fletch, Sherry and Cindy still feel it is the most fun part of the job. The key to making this a memorable occasion is thorough research before you begin looking. Understand your budget and what is available within it. Educate yourself on the 4 C's of diamond grading: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. Each of these quality grades have an impact on the price of diamonds. Many people are surprised to learn that a 1 carat diamond can cost as little as $1,000.00 or as much as $20,000.00 depending on its grade. Cindy Hudson, G.G., GIA can help in understanding the 4 C's and their affect on diamonds making this a truly special occasion and wonderful experience. And Fletch and Sherry believe in maintaining a stock of loose diamonds to choose from. They feel it is important that YOU select the diamond that fits YOU best. Your happiness and satisfaction are always the desired result.
Fortunately, the engagement ring opens the door for many future special occasions that can be remembered with a piece of jewelry. The first of these is the "Wedding Gift" traditionally presented to the bride by the groom on the night of the wedding rehearsal. The perfect gift would be a piece of jewelry the bride can wear during the wedding. Pearl strands or earrings are great, however, one of my personal favorites was the young man who wanted to make sure his bride knew how special she was to him. To accomplish that he asked us to monogram a charm with his bride's new initials and wedding date and attach it to bracelet. I thought this was a wonderful idea and a great way to show her how important the day was to him. Not only did the bride have "something new" to wear on her wedding day but the groom had also presented her with an heirloom and a tangible remembrance of their wedding and the excitement he felt that day. The beauty of this gift was its simplicity and significance. It said one thing, "I love you".
Don't forget if you are a mother of either bride or groom, a new piece of jewelry to be worn on the wedding day is another necessity. After all, you have worked very hard to get to this day and it's a special occasion for you too.
"Push Present" is a new term we hear in the jewelry field lately. And, after nine long months of carrying a baby around in front of you (and in my case, every where else), it is a present well deserved and certainly earned. Some men feel the best gift on this special occasion should be all about the new child. At Fletcher Smith's we think it should celebrate the strength of the woman who just gave birth. This is an opportunity to be a hero if you are a man and an opportunity to get just what you want if you are the new mother. Don't be shy, give him hints every month. As your belly grows make sure he knows how long suffering you are and how much you deserve that push present. We keep a gift registry here at the store just in case he has trouble remembering your hints.
After your children are born many women think the special occasion jewelry period of their life is over. Actually, this is the time to really ramp it up. You should have some pretty big anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate. Any event with the numbers "0" or "5" at the end, anniversary or age, dictates a special piece of jewelry to celebrate the occasion.
Sometimes the most important special occasions don't occur with a specific event but become what they are because of the thoughtfulness of others. Just because jewelry, mid-summer trinkets, Tuesday treats, Ground Hog Day gold, I've had a tough day at work and jewelry would make it go away. These are the best of all times to celebrate the special person and relationships you share with them. And the best way to celebrate all these special occasions is a piece of jewelry that becomes a remembrance of all the special times in your life.