By Andrea Lennon

My wedding day was a day to remember.  I awoke to a loud clap of thunder telling me that the storms, heavily predicted, had arrived.  My heart sank. "Lord, this is my wedding day. Why did it have to rain today?" My question was answered with another loud clap of thunder and lighting so bright it lit up my room. I rolled over and put my head under the pillow.
A couple of hours later, I left my home in order to get my hair fixed. My mother, sister, and I gathered our rain gear and drove to the salon. We arrived to find no cars in the parking lot. We waited and waited and no one arrived. I began to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. Again, I thought, "this cannot be happening!" My sister came to the rescue and called my stylist. We discovered that she was sick but on her way. After a few hours, my hair was fixed but did not look its best.
The afternoon came and I was running behind. Nothing had gone the way I had planned! Again, I voiced my prayer, "Lord, this is my big day. Why can't it go right?" The wedding was set to begin at 2:00 p.m. Around 1:00, I arrived at the church. The rain was still coming down. Pictures, scheduled to be taken outside, were moved inside. I surrendered to the fact that it was going to rain on my big day!
By 1:45, family and friends began to arrive. I looked out the window and discovered the sun had come out. I breathed a sigh of relief and voiced a prayer of thanksgiving. Finally, things were turning around. The wedding began promptly at 2:00 p.m. The music, flowers, and wedding party came together beautifully.  
Halfway through the service, Jay and I lit our unity candle while a song was sung in the background. All eyes were on the candle. To me, this was the pinnacle of the wedding--- the representation of two people becoming one flesh. Jay and I, along with our guests, listened to the beautiful words of the song while the flame of the unity candle burned bright. It was a moving moment to say the least.
All of a sudden, the air came on. Unknown to us, the main vent in the Sanctuary was directed towards the location of the unity candle. You will never guess what happened nextâ¦the unity candle went out! My heart sank. Again, I prayed, "Lord you have got to be kidding me!" Jay sensed my disappointment and leaned over to say, "It's okay honey." The pastor actually laughed aloud and said, "I've never seen that before."
The rest of the day remains a blur. Hugs, well wishes, and promises to stay in touch were exchanged. Papers were signed. Jay and I were married.
Today, as I think about my wedding day, I have to smile. God's faithfulness to teach His children in every setting and circumstance amazes me. On that day, God was teaching me. Unfortunately, I was not listening. Today, I bow my head and listen to His instruction.  
Many aspects of marriage were represented in my wedding day. Marriages have different seasons like the different events that occurred on my big day, such as:
Disappointment as seen in waking up and hearing the thunder clap and the lighting strike.
Frustration as seen in the hair stylist being sick and late for my appointment.
Flexibility as seen in the wedding pictures being taken inside rather than outside.
Hope as seen in the sun coming out and knowing that everything was going to be okay.
Confusion as seen in the unity candle going out instead of burning bright.
In the different seasons of marriage, we are called to remain committed to God and our marriages. If I had my wedding to do over again, I would not change anything - not even the rain, the hair, the pictures, or the unity candle. However, I do think I would ask the Lord to change one thing - me. I would ask the Lord to help me see the wedding from His perspective. This perspective would have allowed me the opportunity to know that Jay and I were not planning an event, but rather an adventure; an adventure that would have different seasons but that was meant to last a lifetime.
To all the brides of 2009, I challenge you to think of your wedding not as a one-time event but rather as an adventure. I encourage you to hold on. It's going to be an amazing ride!