By Alisa Quinn

1. Who wouldn't love fresh flowers?
Fresh flowers are great because they give color and smell nice also. There are many flowers you can buy right now that will look beautiful for spring: lilies, roses, daisies, tulips, carnations, and lavender. You can also dry these flowers and use the petals as a vase-filler. These will last forever.
2. If you have a blank wall and you just cannot decide what type of art you need, why focus solely on art?
Why not incorporate mirrors of different shapes? Mirrors can work with any color palette. You should use an odd amount of mirrors and arrange them from five to ten inches apart from each other. I think five is a great amount of mirrors to use. You can use framed or unframed mirrors, or you can mix them up with a little of both. This will reflect the colors in your home. You can also mix some framed photographs in with the mirrors, depending on the amount of wall space you have.
3. Candles will always add a nice touch to any room.
There are several different things you can do with candles. They look wonderful in a shallow basket in different sizes with bright green reindeer moss or river rocks. You can also place them in a glass hurricane, a lantern, and even in your fireplace (be sure to take the wood out first). When using them in your fireplace, use several and place them closely together. You can never have too many candles. Basic cream colored candles can go with anything.
4. Pillows, throws, and slipcovers help create a bright new look with little cost.
Throw pillows can add a new touch to any old couch or bedroom when you are ready for a change. Sometimes we think we have to use the throw pillows that come with the couch, chair, or bedding, which is not true. Changing the pillows can give a whole new look. Throw covers are simple but add a nice touch, and are also very useful. Just throw it on the back or arm of your couch and you have added a splash of color. You can also throw one across the end of your bed for color. These can hide some areas on your couch or bedding that may be worn or stained. Go for some bright colors for spring. Greens and yellows are popular this year. Slipcovers are a little more expensive, but they really change a couch or chair. If you are tired of the fabric on your couch but it is still a good couch, then buy a slipcover.
5.The number one way to change any room is paint.
Changing the color of your walls can create a totally different look. You don't have to paint all four walls; you can paint just one wall and leave three a different color. This works as long as you have more than two walls in the room. If you have three walls in the room, paint two one color and one a different color. Not only does paint work on walls, but paint can change up most anything. You can change a piece of furniture by simply painting it. Not only should you consider painting furniture the basic black, brown, or white but you could bring some color in the mix by painting a piece of furniture red, green , or even turquoise, which looks great on furniture. If you have a light fixture that is old and needs to be replaced, prime and paint it. It will give it a totally different look, and suggest you select a bold color for this as well.
Spring is almost here, so try out some of these ideas and see if it brightens up the season for you!