The American Heart Association

Make Easy Lifestyle Changes. For Example:
⢠Look for short breaks each day (approx. 10-30 minutes) to implement heart healthy activities such as walking or other types of enjoyable physical activity
⢠Take the Go Red Heart Checkup at to learn your heart disease risk
⢠Plan quick and simple healthy meals
⢠Know your family heart health history

Tips for Women at Work

⢠Add extra walks to and from the water cooler
⢠Take ten minute walks between meetings
⢠Use the stairs instead of the elevator
⢠Bring healthy snacks
⢠Take time for lunch and eat at regular intervals versus skipping meals
⢠Make time for physical activity - go to the gym and bring your favorite book or office materials to read or workout at home watching your favorite show

Tips for Moms on the Go

⢠Plan meals in advance - visit for recipes from a number of heart-healthy cookbooks and use the online grocery list builder to quickly identify heart-healthy products to add to your grocery list
⢠Set up "physical activity time" on a daily basis
⢠Walk around your neighborhood or in your office
⢠Run up and down the stairs
⢠Do an exercise video
⢠Walk when doing errands and park farther from your destination
⢠Take your kids to the park and identify play time activities that help keep you fit
⢠Join a walking group or ask friends to join you in daily walking
⢠Work out when your child is at practice or extra curricular activities
⢠Exercise while watching your favorite TV show

Tips for Traveling for Work/Play

⢠Plan a physical activity routine
⢠Airports and malls are great places to get in a brisk walk around the terminal or from one end of the mall to the other
⢠Drink plenty of water
⢠Take time to stretch while on the flight
⢠Exercise in your hotel room - simple stretches or other exercise like sit ups and push ups
⢠Take advantage of physical fitness facilities located in the hotel
⢠Pack heart-healthy snacks, fruits, and know how to manage your snack triggers
⢠Pack sneakers and comfortable clothes for working out
⢠For frequent travel keep an extra pair of tennis shoes already packed in your bag

Love Your Heart: Relaxation Tips

⢠Keep a journal
⢠Reduce stress: Plan a technology-free weekend balanced with active sports, swimming, skiing, horse-back riding, or other fun physical activity
⢠Celebrate your successes with healthy rewards like a massage or facial
⢠Read a book