By Andrea Lennon

This month I would like to invite you to dream - dream big. As you dream, I want you to consider one question - a question that holds life-altering potential. This question altered the course of my life. The question is, "What would it be like if�" While simple, this question holds a major key to unlocking a new year and a new you. At the heart of this question resides an incredible opportunity to imagine your life free in Christ.
Allow me to share how this question made its way into my life. Not too long ago the Lord gave me a reminder: "Andrea, you will never truly be all that I created you to be unless you give Me everything." Ugh, this reminder hurt! More than anything, I desire to give all of my heart to the Lord. As His child, I love Him and want to honor Him. However, my flesh, the part of me that is sinful, desires to remain in control. Often, the battle between my sinful self and my desire to honor the Lord leaves me feeling tired and defeated. One day, in response to these feelings, the Lord placed one simple question on my heart - "What would it be like if�"
As soon as this question came to my mind, I started brainstorming. I listed everything in my life that I so desperately sought to control. As I wrote, my eyes were opened to all the areas where I fail to choose Christ and instead choose my own ways. My list was long and truly overwhelming. But, praise God; I do not have to tackle my list alone.
As I read the list over and over again, I realized that within each statement, two choices were available: mine and God's. Therefore, I went back through my list and underlined my choice then placed God's choice in bold print. This simple process helped me to find tangible ways to live with a new focus in 2009. This focus involved daily forsaking my choice and daily embracing Christ's choice. A sense of hope took the place of defeat. As I knew God was uncovering sin and allowing me to see that through Him, His choice could become a reality in my life. The sense of excitement was real as I knew God was challenging me to choose Him in the areas I sought to control.
The "What would it be like ifâ¦" areas in my life include:
"What would it be like if I stopped being selfish and really put others first?"
"What would it be like if I stopped worrying about our finances and trusted God to provide?"
"What would it be like if I let go of True Vine Ministry and let it become God's?"
"What would it be like if fear was no longer a part of my vocabulary as I sought to live by faith?"
"What would it be like if I stopped living based on my emotions and feelings and truly lived my life based on the Word of God?"
"What would it be like if I stopped trying to force friendships to work in my life and instead allowed God to bring people in and out of my life for His glory?"
"What would it be like if I lived my life with nothing to prove, just trusting God to be God?"
Today, I wonder about your life. Do you desire to live with a new focus in 2009? If so, what are your "What would it be like if�" areas? I encourage you to find a piece of paper and brainstorm this question. Once your list is complete, go back through the list and underline your choice, then highlight God's choice. This year as you seek to live a new year with a new you, know that the key to success is found in daily making God's choice, not your own.
I want to leave you with a single verse from Scripture. This verse was spoken to Mary the mother of Jesus when she faced what seemed like an impossible situation. Luke 1:37 states, "For nothing is impossible with God." Although your list may seem impossible, know that with God nothing is impossible!