Chef Jim McCollum, CC

I have the privilege of having one of my sisters in the kitchen with me for this special holiday edition. Janna Bingham Williams from Cabot has graciously provided us with her time and knowledge of cookie baking and decorating!
When asked what Janna enjoys about baking and decorating cookies, she says, "Making iced sugar cookies reminds me of my childhood and the feeling of getting a huge treat! As kids we would go to Ed's Bakery and often we would walk out with a cookie."

How many cutters do you own?
Janna says at least 200! Some of my prized cutters include ones I found at my grandparents house after they passed away. They were from a Robin Hood Flour promotion 50+ years ago.

What cookies do you enjoy doing the most?
My favorite cutters to use are my Christmas ones. Janna says, "Usually I will make several dozen and give them out as gifts to my friends or co-workers. I love to see the expressions on people's faces when they see that someone took the time to roll out the dough, cut them, and ice them so that they can enjoy them."