Rachel Parker Dickerson

Updating your home décor from autumn to the holiday season doesn't have to mean breaking the bank or making hundreds of trips to the attic. With a little tweaking, some fall decorations will fit right into your Christmas plans.

Barbara Parish, manager/designer at Tipton & Hurst in Conway, demonstrated how to reuse fall items for Christmas by simply adding some season-appropriate pieces.

For fall, Parish said, a red hydrangea wreath looks nice hanging on a door, but the same wreath can be spruced up as a centerpiece up for Christmas. She placed it on a cake platter with taper candles and Christmas tree ornaments in the middle. She also liked the idea of the wreath on a platter of fruit, she said.

A cone-shaped ivy tree looks great on its own, but its shape can lend itself to a Christmas tree look, Parish suggested. She added Christmas ornaments and ribbon to bring a holiday look to one such tree, and pointed out she could have added lights as well.

Many people prefer pre-made arrangements, Parish said. She held up a wicker basket filled with pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones.

"You can put it on your foyer table or breakfast table," she said. "You can add berries for Christmas. It's just a way to switch up your fall things for Christmas."

Fall wreaths can also be dressed up for winter, she added. Wreaths made of berries are always good for both fall and Christmas, she said. Almost any color will do, although "bright green would scream spring, to me," she said.
Copper or red berry wreaths could be given a more festive look by tadding a green cedar or pine garland, ribbon, and picks with pine cones or leaves, Parish said.

"If you already have something and you can reuse it, that's great," she said. "We do custom arrangements. If people want to come in for ideas, we can help. If they bought a fall arrangement here, we'll spruce it up for Christmas. People already have them at their houses; they just don't know how they can reuse them."