Kim and Phillip Gullic's home stands out, for all the right reasons Rebecca Brockman

Spotting the home of Phillip and Kim Gullic in the Savannah Park neighborhood, parallel to the Conway Country Club, takes little effort. A looming wreath with twinkling lights woven into the circular greenery is complimented by bursts of gold, burgundy, and dark brown. Tri-stacked pumpkins bookcase the door.

The warm colors continue inside the Gullic's home. Dressed in the same golden and brown color palate, the staircase provides a warm welcome. In addition, the fireplace is adorned with gold column candles, a delicate strand of Christmas lights, and a burgundy ribbon trailing the outline of the great room's centerpiece. Kim describes the color and style of the decorations as "fall and rustic." The autumn-rich colors will transition into a more Christmastime theme as the season draws near.

The warm fall decorations are inviting and the lively atmosphere inside the home only adds to the fun. Sumner, 4, and Henry, 1 and half, are busy playing with toys. Sumner is getting ready for soccer practice and both boys are covering every inch of the great room and kitchen. With two growing boys, it goes without saying that the Gullic's beautiful house is a busy home.

Adding to the business is Kim Gullic, who owns and manages Moravia, a popular boutique on Oak Street in downtown Conway. Kim has been running the successful shop for seven years. Phillip, or should we say, Dr. Gullic, delivers babies. The busy father of two is an extremely busy obstetrician in Conway. "We fall into bed, exhausted," Kim said with a content smile when asked what life is like at the Gullic home.

Due to their lifestyle and packed schedule, the family utilized the services of Room to Room to decorate their home. Stephanie Hawks and Ashley Archer from the home decorating company decorated the Gullic's home in three days. Kim explained that the interior designers simply did a walk-through of the house and based on their observations, picked out the color scheme and decorative items for the Gullic house. "Family time is very special. Having a decorated home lends to it," Kim says.

About 20 family members will be coming to the bustling Gullic home for Thanksgiving. Family will be traveling from Okalahoma City, Utah, Iowa, Texas, and of course Arkansas to celebrate with Phillip, Kim, and the boys. One guest's presence in particular is especially important: Kim's father, who missed last Thanksgiving due to his on-going battle with cancer. "The importance of being together is more important than it's ever been," explains Kim.

When asked about any special family traditions, Phillip paused and then smiled, "The battle of the dressings. Our moms are both really good cooks." He started laughing, "We don't even go there," he said through a chuckle. According to tradition, Kim's mom brings the "traditional" dressing, turkey and cornbread with sage and Phillip's mom brings cornbread dressing with chicken in it. When both dressings are presented on the table, each family member goes to their prospective mother's dish, Phillip said.

Adding to the importance of being together for the holidays is the fact that Sumner and Henry are both adopted. Kim explains, "We waited a long time for them." In a dramatic twist, Kim describes how the family came to adopt little Henry. Sumner's birth mother was so impressed with Phillip and Kim, that she encouraged Henry's birth mother to seek the Gullic's for a potential family. Needless to say, Henry's birth mother did just that, and the rest is Gullic family history.

When asked to describe what the holidays will be like at their house, Kim said "It will be laid back and we will be thankful." Even though their home is decorated to perfection to the eye, the real beauty in this home is family and the anticipation of a special holiday with people they love.