Gena Turner's West Conway home combines the best of both worlds Jennifer Stanley

I walk down the spacious stone pathway and up the steps to Gena Turner's front door, where she is waiting to greet me. "I'm just lighting some candles," she says, as I catch the scents of pine and cinnamon. Her home, located in the Canterbury Place subdivision of West Conway, is a mixture of classic and current with stone archways and lanterns accompanied by modern vases and furniture.

Gena and her husband, Eric, have lived in Conway since they married, though Gena is originally, "from the country." They have two daughters, Avery, 7, and Addison, 2, whose photos can be found throughout their home. Their home is a reflection of its occupants in its comfort and hominess.

After a ten-year career with a wireless company, Gena embarked on a new career as a stay-at-home mom to Avery and Addison; however, "I have always done interior design projects on the side for homes and businesses," she states. In fact, she and friend Missy Thoelke have recently started a new company, Two Trendy Designers, specializing in both commercial and residential interior design projects, saying, "From timeless to trendy, we'll use existing or new decorations to transform your home..." In fact, Gena self-describes her design style as, "Dressy mixed with casual," and "A mix of two aesthetics - namely antique and contemporary."

Gena's Christmas décor is a testament to this statement, intertwining timeless and contemporary while appearing effortless. She has used modern ornaments in bold statement colors such as lime green and turquoise, and combined them with peacock feathers, which crown her decorative tree. However, she also used rustic lanterns in the entryway with real evergreen used throughout the decorations.

In addition, the mantel is filled with red ribbon intertwined with gold and crimson ornaments and white lights and houses with multi-level, ornate candle holders in gold finish. She also uses real evergreen on the mantel, interspersed with her usual décor. Modern statements are included throughout as well, including gold feathers and ribbon and a beautiful green and gold wreath, which can be seen from the entryway.

The inspiration to use the rustic touches and real greenery came from Gena's childhood in the country. "We always went out on our land and cut our own tree. My parents still do," she says, adding, "We decorated with the old icicles and had homemade ornaments growing up." Gena also incorporates these childhood traditions with her girls by having them decorate a real tree "any way they choose, icicles and all," she says. They also enjoy baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and being with the family.

Outside family time, Gena enjoys working with businesses and new construction and says you may have seen Two Trendy Designers' work around town. "We've donated a tree to CASA and are involved with Dazzle Daze," says Gena.
Two Trendy Designers is currently specifically booking for holiday design for 2008, including both commercial and residential projects. They are glad to work with decorations you have or to provide an entirely new holiday look for your home or business. Some items/areas they typically work with are flower arrangements, wreaths, designer trees, mantels, entryways, and holiday parties.

For those who decorate their own homes for the holidays, Gena offers the following advice: "Stick with your own style, and let it reflect who you are. Make it about you and your family, and don't throw out your old, childhood ornaments, rather, find a way to incorporate those with current styles." Gena also prefers to add her holiday decorations in with her usual home décor, so you don't lose your normal aesthetic. "The most important decorating advice I have is to make sure you keep the style yours; keep your family elements involved, and the rest of your look will fall into place."