When it comes to decorating for Halloween, Donna Benton is keeping things classy, vintage and fun.In 2015 Donna's son, Ben, threw a Halloween party for his friends. The entire family helped decorate, using furniture and décor from their personal collection and from their family-owned business, WaterHouse Market."At WaterHouse Market, we specialize in vintage furniture and décor. We custom-build pieces for our clients, so we are constantly in the workshop creating," she said. "We have always encouraged our kids to be makers, so I think it just comes naturally for us to all jump in together and turn the house into a ghoulish chamber of horrors." Other members of the Benton family include husband, Joey, and son, Joseph.For Ben's party, Donna already had a lot of items to include in the Halloween house theme. "We are always on the lookout for great vintage pieces for our clients, so we have a pretty extensive collection of rusty or reclaimed objects in our home. We just gathered up all the old mirrors, candlesticks, vintage containers and anything that might look a little haunted. We try to stay classic. I draw the line at blood and brains!"Being crafty is a big plus when decorating for holidays. In her 2015 Halloween home Donna used items ranging from cloth to glass to metal, which provided a lot of different textures and a lot of depth to the décor. Included in the display were ghosts made out of starched white cloth that were floating under glass domes "like they were captured," a vintage typewriter covered with spider webs and a skeleton floating in the chandelier."We took white craft paint and painted skeletons on the glass of old black and white photos. The paint just scrapes off with a razor blade after the party. You would be surprised how many things that you already have around the house can be used in your spooky décor," she said. "We are fanatic collectors of unique finds that most people might consider a little weird, so I actually already had all of this stuff here and there. We just had to put a spooky twist on it. I can't really recall how we ended up with a possum skull. We will credit that one to the boys. The only thing I had to buy to decorate for the party were the spider webs."Donna says she is a notorious last-minute party planner, so having items on hand is a huge bonus for her. She is perfectly comfortable starting with a blank room and an early deadline. "We often stage photos of our WaterHouse Market pieces in our home, so we are always moving things around and trying something new. Our home usually has an eclectic vintage style, which works pretty well with the spooky theme," she added.Entertaining is a way of life for the Bentons. Donna said her sons, who are students at Hendrix College, love to cook and entertain their friends. "It's not unusual for a dinner for two to turn into an impromptu barbecue for a whole houseful," she said. "When it's time to have a party, I'm not afraid to mix it up a little. First I check the workshop to see what furniture we have to work with and go from there. I might drag the outside furniture in, or the inside furniture out. We might have dinner in the living room, on the porch or the field behind the house. It probably won't be normal."Donna said she loves all holidays that "call for a get-together," especially when the family gathers to create fun projects. "It is certainly great for the whole family to work together on a fun and creative project, but the best part is to see the delight of your guests when they get the full effect of the décor, the lighting, the sounds and the smells of Halloween. It makes for a memorable party. Halloween is perfect for a party. The weather is great to throw open the doors and light up a bonfire, and everyone is always in a festive spirit."As for 2016, the theme for Halloween at the Benton house is yet to be decided, but it's guaranteed to be scarily awesome. "Remember, we are notorious last-minute party planners. We will see ... but it will certainly be better than last year!," Donna said.