Area artist always on the go with painting, chiseling

By Jennifer Stanley
Photos by Brandy Strain

Local artist Lois Giorgis is a study in lifelong learning. An avid painter from the age of 15, she took up sculpting at age 80. Her work is currently on display at Art on the Green in Conway.
"I always wanted to try sculpting and was interested in doing something tactile," she said of sculpting.
Her medium of preference is alabaster, which requires chiseling. She orders the stone from Colorado and occasionally from New Mexico. The end result is simply amazing; what starts as a block of rock may end up as an intricate trio of birds.
The alabaster creates innate movement in its varied hues of black, gray, white, ivory and red. In getting started, she sought the advice of Bryan Massey, a professor in the art department of the University of Central Arkansas, who has experience with alabaster.
Lois began painting in high school. She knew she had a love and talent for the art form.
"I had been drawing since I was little. When I was in high school, I had started doing some small oils at home. In my third year of art. ... I asked to work with oils in class. My teacher took a picture of one of my paintings and sent it to a national contest in New York, and I was one of 25 winners in the United States," she said.
That earned her a summer art scholarship to the University of Denver. She went on to major in art in high school and minor in college. She also spent a summer studying at the esteemed Art Institute of Chicago and was named "Young Artist of the Year" in northern Illinois.
She primarily paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor and does portraiture, landscapes and abstracts. Portraits are her specialty. In fact, she has been commissioned to paint more than 200. She is a master of watercolor and is certified by Mid-Southern Watercolorists, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of watercolor painting.
A former high school counselor and vice president of student services at College of St. Francis, Lois retired to Arkansas more than 20 years ago.
Since relocating, she has shown work in Arkansas and Texas.
Lois has won awards at the Conway League of Artists and with Mid-Southern Watercolorists.
She continues to show, mostly her abstract work, at Art on the Green.
To contact Lois about her gallery pieces or about commissioned work, please email