By Kelly Sublett
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Conway fifth grader Madalyn Prince is not necessarily unlike any pre-teen kiddo you know, and she tells people that confidently. If she had to choose one thing that sets her apart, she would point to her artwork.
"I don't like to so something that pressures me into something. I've always really liked drawing, and I like learning new ways to do art.
"But I don't always like to do things by request, like a face of someone or something like that. I mean, what if I get an eye wrong or something?" she asks in mock horror.
Madalyn does, however, enjoy gifting art to people. She painted an angel baby for her cousin who was celebrating her child's first Christmas and a cardinal on canvas for another gift she was proud to describe.
"Acrylic painting is my favorite," she says. "I would like to learn how to do watercolor really well and portraiture really well."
She has taken art lessons at The Art School in downtown Conway since the third grade.
The Ruth Doyle Middle Schooler is humble, but even with just a few years of practice and execution under her brush, Madalyn has won several awards on the local and state level for her artwork.
She is a blue-ribbon county fair award winner, and two years ago, won second place in the Arkansas Wildlife art contest for her painting of a bobcat.
"Mine was super colorful," she beams. "It was of a bobcat sitting in the sunlight on a meadow."
Madalyn encourages other young people her age to try something they are interested in and to not hold back.
"I choose to do art on my own time," she says. "I started out copying other art. I doodle, I paint and I've done a lot of fun stuff like pop art with a mixture of pastels and acrylic. I have entered other contests and not won. I will enter more. But that's not all I do."
Madalyn's perspective is well rounded and realistic about her talent, while she continues to study with encouragement from her family, parents Jay and Meg and older brother, Jacob.
Until she shows her artwork in galleries around the world, Madalyn says she's happy just being a kid. She likes to read a lot, play Minecraft, dreams of going on vacation to Disney World and taking a cruise. She enjoys her two dogs, Bandit and Yoshi and her cat, Flower.
"You know, I like casual things every kid does," she says smiling through a big shrug.